Schroder (JBT Wolf-tec)

We continue to add needles for the Schroder injector (Wolf-tec injector here in the US) almost as quickly as the Fomaco needles.  Our stock of the Schroder needles may have the most variances between length and hole design.

(* indicates current stock)

Schroder Needles / Wolf-tec Needles
268mm Length Needles
  • SC 268×3.001 (3mm OD)
  • SC H268x3.001 (3mm OD, hypodermic)
330mm Length Needles
  • SCI 330×4.001 (Imax, 4mm OD)
332mm Length Needles
  • SC 332×4.001 (4mm OD)
  • SC 332×4.701 (4mm OD, flexible)
352mm Length Needles
  • SC 352×3.001 (3mm OD)
  • SC H352x3.001 (3mm OD, hypodermic)
  • SC 352×4.001 (4mm OD)
  • SC 352×4.701 (4mm OD, flexible)
387mm Length Needles
  • *SC 387×3.001 (3mm OD)
  • SC 387×4.001 (4mm OD)
392mm Length Needles
  • SC 392×4.001 (4mm OD)
421mm Length Needles
  • *SC 421×3.001 (3mm OD)
  • *SC 421×4.001 (4mm OD)
  • *SC 421×4.201 (4mm OD, chisel)
  • SC 421×4.701 (4mm OD, flexible)
457mm Length Needles
  • SC 457×4.001 (4mm OD)
  • SC 457×4.701 (4mm OD, flexible)
497mm Length Needles
  • *SC 497×4.001 (4mm OD)

We can supply any needle for your application.  These are simply the most common needles for us at this point.  Contact us for more information or request a quote or even request a visit!