As of 2018, we have started supplying a few of the Metalquimia needles.  This is another injector where we haven’t found our customer (or them us yet).  We currently stock only one, as indicated below.

(* indicates current stock)

Metalquimia Needles
232mm Length Needles
  • MQ 232×4.25.001 (4.25mm OD)
270mm Length Needles
  • MQ 270×4.25.001 (4.25mm OD)
287mm Length Needles
  • MQ 287×3.001 (3mm OD)
  • MQ H287x3.001 (3mm OD, hypodermic)
355mm Length Needles
  • MQ 355×4.3.001 (4.3mm OD, version 222A)
  • MQ 355×4.3.002 (4.3mm OD, version 222B)
  • MQ 355×4.3.003 (4.3mm OD, version 222C)
  • MQ 355×4.3.004 (4.3mm OD, version 222D)
480mm Length Needles
  • *MQ 480×4.001 (4mm OD)
700mm Length Needles
  • *MQ 700×4.8.001 (4.8mm OD)
750mm Length Needles
  • *MQ 750×4.8.001 (4.8mm OD)

We can supply any needle for your application.  These are simply the most common needles for us at this point.  Contact us for more information or request a quote or even request a visit!