Wolfking Belam Needles


We starting supplying and stocking needles for the Wolfking Belam injectors first!  Starting with the 332mm x 4mm flexible needle.  Shortly after this, we added the 332mm x 4mm standard needle.  If you are running the Belam injector, let us know

(* indicates current stock)

Wolfking Belam Needles
155mm Length Needles
  • BL 155×2.001 (2mm OD)
255mm Length Needles
  • BL 255×4.001 (4mm OD, standard)
  • BL 255×4.701 (4mm OD, flexible)
268mm Length Needles
  • BL 268×3.001 (3mm OD, standard)
  • BL 268×4.001 (4mm OD, standard)
  • BL 268×4.701 (4mm OD, flexible)
332mm Length Needles
  • *BL 332×4.001 (4mm OD, standard)
  • BL 332×4.701 (4mm OD, flexible)
  • *BL 332×4/3.001 (tapered 4mm to 3mm)
382mm Length Needles
  • BL 382×4.001 (4mm OD, standard)
  • BL 382×4.701 (4mm OD, flexible)

We can supply any needle for your application.  These are simply the most common needles for us at this point.  Contact us for more information or request a quote or even request a visit!