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We started in 2000 as a supplier of replacement parts for grinders, emulsifiers and separators to food processing companies of all sizes.  In our beginning, we focused on the insert blades for Weiler (1154, 1991, 2440, 2448 and 2450) and Wolfking grinders (30061 and 39441) because of their constant demand.  We continue to supply those, but now we now also specialize in injector needles and tooth rollers.  Our ability to create any needle and any roller that surpasses the OEM is our specialty.  As a result, we offer solutions to our customers.  Contact us for more information. We have added a few things over the years for our customers.  We also supply packaging blades, processing blades and sanitary fittingsFlat belting that includes nycor, extrusions, polyflex, monofilament along with truly endless has recently been added to the our product line as well.  There is more information about each below.  Since our beginning, we continue to grow our product line for our customers.  In conclusion, look into our website and learn how we can help you and your business. Here is how to contact Judd Yaeger, Inc.
Phone: +1.612.810.5215
Twitter: @juddyaegerinc
Fax: +1.612.605.1971
Mail: PO Box 303, Forest Lake, MN 55025