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We started in 2000 as a supplier of replacement parts for grinders, emulsifiers and separators to food processing companies of all sizes.  In our beginning, we focused on the insert blades for Weiler (1154, 1991, 2440, 2448 and 2450) and Wolfking grinders (30061 and 39441) because of their constant demand.  We continue to supply those, but now we now also specialize in injector needles and tooth rollers.  Our ability to create any needle and any roller that surpasses the OEM is our specialty.  As a result, we offer solutions to our customers.  Contact us for more information.

We have added a few things over the years for our customers.  We also supply packaging blades, processing blades and sanitary fittingsFlat belting that includes nycor, extrusions, polyflex, monofilament along with truly endless has recently been added to the our product line as well.  There is more information about each below.  Since our beginning, we continue to grow our product line for our customers.  In conclusion, look into our website and learn how we can help you and your business.

Injector Needles

Our injector needles are made from high quality stainless steel (AISI 316).  The needles combine both hardness and flexibility.  This makes them last longer than the OEM and “competitor” needles.  We provide a variety of options regarding tube diameter, wall thickness, number of holes and location.

We stock our customers’ needles.  This gives us the ability to ship same day, thus eliminating long wait times for our customers.  Most of all, we will do the same for you.  From the Belam and Fomaco injector to the Metalquimia and Schroder / Wolftec injectors and beyond, we supply needles for all models.

Grinder and Emulsifier Replacement Parts

Starting in 2000, we have been supplying the highest quality replacement parts available; Speco’s Products.  In addition to supplying the standard parts, we also supply the Speco Bone Collection System.  This system is the best and most proven bone collection system in the world (U.S. Patent # 4004742).  The Speco Bone Collection System drives undesirable particles continuously out of your finished product.

We have all of these parts available to you at reduced pricing.  From replacement parts for the Weiler and Wolfking grinders to the smaller grinders, we supply plates, inserts, holders and more for all grinders.  Therefore with Speco’s high quality, guaranteed parts and our competitive pricing, we should be your source for all replacement parts.

Separator and Deboner Replacement Parts

We supply the separating belts for the Baader and SEPAmatic separators.  We started with the Cigo rubber belts and now recently working with urethane belts as well.  For the deboning line, we supply the Speco parts for the Beehive, Prince and Yieldmaster.

Speco’s original cylindrical chamber is now being used on several new mechanical deboning machines.  Speco is also manufacturing many of the wear parts used in these machines such as augers, compression rings, rotors and pump veins.  Every Speco part is high quality with long wear precision, guaranteed!

Tooth Rollers

Speco’s tooth rollers have been saving companies money by competitive pricing and high quality parts.  We have these available to us.  Consequently, if you’re buying tooth rollers, you need to contact us.

Precision quality machined skinner tooth rollers are specially designed for use on skinning machines.  Furthermore, our rollers can be resharpened numerous times saving you money and increasing your profit.  Most of the common European and American brands and models are in stock ready for immediate shipment.

Packaging and Processing Blades

Years ago, we started to supply circular blades for the Multivac machines.  In addition to the circular blades, we have expanded as our pricing and quality has earned more opportunities.  We stock commonly used knives and blades for our clients for same day shipments.

Sanitary Fittings and Gaskets *New in 4Q 2017

We continue to add products to our line.  As a result, we added sanitary fittings recently for the benefit of one of our customers.  In essence, one customer started this product line for us and they probably aren’t the only ones using these sanitary fittings.

Flat Belting *New in 2Q 2018

In 2018, we started offering flat belting to our customers.  While this is fairly new, we expect solid results in 2018.  We are learning this product, yet can help you out today.

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